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Buffalo-Bill's Wild West Circus

Toimitusaika: 2-8 päivä(ä)


Yi-haah! Taming the Wild West in Mauri Kunnas's inimitable style, even the meanest, orneriest gunslinger raises a hearty laugh. Saddle up for the Western adventure of all time!

They say that Colombus discovered America, although really the Vikings and the American Indians has found the place a great deal before he set sail. Still, this is no moment to stand around arguing about it - it's time to join that wagon train with the early pioneers and ride off towards the empty wilds of the West.

Along the way we meet up with a stetson-full of famous Wild West heroes, amont them the fearless fur-trapper Davy Crocodile, Wild Bill Hickockerel, the tough sheriff of Grubstake Gulch, traintrobber Jesse Jackrabbit and his gang, and of course the circus artists Annie Sharpshooter and Buffalo Bill.